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The Pilates Method is an approach in mind & body integration that was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. The fundamental principles focus on balance, concentration, control, centered awareness, fluid movements, and breathe. Pilates enhances a core strength that increases flexibility, coordination and spatial awareness. The repertoire is performed on a mat or on specialized equipment utilizing springs for resistance. Pilates engages the whole person, not just the muscles. For everybody from an athlete to mother, Pilates will develop and enhance stamina, posture, alignment & core strength for elite performance to everyday activities.

What are the benefits of Pilates?
  • Elongates muscles without building bulk.
  • Slims problem areas, i.e., Hips, buttocks and thighs.
  • Strengthens the back by building support in the abdominals.
  • Increases flexibility while building strength.
  • Improves posture, coordination, circulation and overall health.
  • Lowers risk of injury by eliminating tension and stress on joints, back, and neck.
  • Increases better range of motion.
  • Promotes relaxation and a sense of well being.
Who can benefit from Pilates?
  • People needing special consideration to injured and problem areas: including back pain, scoliosis, shoulder issues, fibromyalgia etc.
  • The super fit: athletes, dancers, and martial artists.
  • Women who are pre and post-natal.
  • Anyone wanting to shape and define their body.
Points of Interest
  • In Pilates, every movement originates from the core, with a breath, and stays within a defined and safe range of motion.
  • Joseph Pilates combined the breathing and meditation of yoga, the weight bearing aspects of weight training and the balancing elements of Tai Chi which has a sequence of movements each building upon the last & increasing in difficulty.
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